DIY Recycle Crafts: How To Make Wall Decor Using Plastic Spoons
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Come on friends! let us make an awesome DIY Recycled Craft, the best use of Plastic Spoons for DIY Room Decor. This DIY wall decoration is one of the easiest creation from best out of waste plastic spoons. Hope you all will love this Craft Idea!

You can use this handmade craft idea to decor your living room or dining hall as well. This is a beautiful diy craft from household items as simple as plastic spoons.


  • Material required to make the DIY Plastic Spoon Wall Decor. 

    Material required to make the DIY Plastic Spoon wall decor

    5 years ago
  • Draw and cut out a semi circle cardboard with 30 cm diameter, and cover it with glitter paper.Watch the complete tutorial on how to make the DIY Plastic Spoon Craft for complete details.

    Cardboard base for Plastic Spoon Craft

    5 years ago
  • Further to make the DIY Plastic Spoon Craft, paint some plastic spoons in Pink and yellow Paint

    Painted Plastic Spoons

    5 years ago
  • Decorate the DIY Plastic Spoon Craft with sparkly stones, mirror and embellishments.

    Embellishments for DIY Plastic Spoons Craft

    5 years ago

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