DIY: Tissue Paper Flowers
by Emily Hagedorn Follow

I have a love-hate rela­tion­ship with fake flowers.

I love their ease and the fact that I can’t kill them. I hate how some try to look real, though they are oh so obvi­ously fake. It’s like their lying. Like orange tans. Or Splenda.

Mean, lit­tle, lying fake flowers. 

But some­where in between is a faux bloom sweet spot, where it’s like both the fake flower owner and viewer are in on the joke. Instead of pre­tend­ing that the flower is real or just avoid­ing look­ing at it, we can appre­ci­ate it for what it is.

Obvi­ously there’s a lot of inter­nal dia­logue that goes on with fake flowers.

So it’s because of all these rea­sons that I have a crush on these tis­sue paper flow­ers in particular. 

See what I did over at The Em Dash.

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