'Dry-eyes drafting' - my A-line skirt!
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I have dabbled in pattern drafting before. I even went to night school about 10 years ago to learn all about it. I learnt a lot, then children came, as did memory loss and time to myself.

I had seen a very basic sketch in the sewing bible AKA The Reader Digest Complete Guide to Sewing and knew that I wanted that skirt. Most people get inspiration from more interesting sources, but clearly not me!​

So I gave it a whirl.  I clicked onto the Pattern Making section of the In the Folds website and started by using the skirt series icon.  First step, drafting a skirt block. I have drafted a skirt block before via Winifred Aldrich’s book.  It’s quite mathematically complex.  I have no idea why, because when I used Emily’s tutorial it was very easy.  Draw a block and then slice it up, that’s the basis of it really. I did go wrong, and I know where, it was down to measuring myself & a bad calculation (we will get to that!)

For the full story of my 70's inspired A-line skirt check out my blog post;


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