Easy DIY Paper Box: How To make Paper Gift Box in 5 Minutes!!
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An easy Step By Step tutorial on how to make A fabulous handmade paper box, A fantastic Easy handmade Gift  Idea made using paper craft ideas is something that every crafter is on the lookout for.make this amazing looking easy paper craft of handmade paper gift box, and you can celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas, Anniversaries, Mother's Day, in a way you never celebrated before. 

Spread the happiness of festive times, with such a lovely handmade gift box, that makes for a fun DIY Home Craft Project.


  • Material Required for making pretty paper gift box: 

    Color paper


    Divider and pencil

    Glossy sheet



    Decorative String

    Craft Glue

    Material required for paper gift box.

    5 years ago
  • Set your divider at a 10 cm mark and make two same sized circles.

    Paper circles.

    5 years ago
  • Take a scale and make 14 cm square inside the circle. Place the divider outside the paper circle and draw 4 arcs on each corner of the square.

    Slightly run a cutter on the arcs and fold the paper circles to form two paper bowls like shown here

    paper bowls

    5 years ago
  • Paste the two circles with each other by applying glue on one arc of one paper bowl to that of another.

    Join the Paper bowls

    5 years ago
  • Cut out 4 spiky leaves from the glossy sheet and paste them on the Gift Box. to give it a decorative look. 

    Spiky leaves from glossy sheet

    5 years ago
  • End the gift box by tying a Silver decorative string.  Your easy DIY Paper Gift Box is ready!

    DIY Easy Paper Gift Box.

    5 years ago

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