Easy Paper Crafts: How To make Twisted Candy Box
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DIY Projects & easy paper craft idea that you will absolutely love! Come along and learn how to make a cute Twisting Candy Wrap. Who knew easy paper crafts could literally be so easy! You can use it as a kid’s craft idea for making it a little candy storage box. It is the simplest slice form paper craft idea that you will ever find.

This slice form paper craft step by step tutorial will get you an amazingly easy paper craft idea for kids. With the help of a few color papers you get such a cool craft.You can also use this twisted Candy Box as a handmade gift idea.


  • Here is a quick look at the material you require to make the candy box.

    Material required to make the twisted candy box.

    5 years ago
  • Make the stencil of a curved strip from both the sides, Use the strips and draw the shape of other candy strips, using different colors to give the twisted Candy Box a colorful look.

    Colorful paper strips

    5 years ago
  • Fold and make a crease in the start and end colorful paper strips so as to make weaving easy.

    Colorful folded paper strips

    5 years ago
  • Begin to weave and insert the curved paper into each other, making a pinwheel pattern.

    Weaved center of the twisted paper candy box

    5 years ago

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