An egg is a essential part of Easter. No matter in what form: boiled, fried or scrambled, I love it and even after Easter I’m a big egg lover! On instagram I found a forgotten mini egg- garland someone made from an DIY I made a few years ago. The original one does not exist anymore because I can not keep everything. So on this gray Good Friday morning I made this easy DIY for you again. Happy Easter!!


  • You need: firm white and yellow paper, punches, glue and some rope

    How to make:

    – make large white and small yellow circles, as much as necessary for your garland (I made 12 fried eggs so 24 pieces each)

    – Glue the yellow circles on white, not necessarily exactly in the middle

    – cut a piece of rope, put on the table, divide your fried eggs and glue them to the rope

    5 years ago

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