There is a tremendous amount of fun to be had with these oh so simple little knits - hide the eyeballs is one game we will most certainly play to death this Halloween!!!

They are knitted in the round over two circular needles (dpns could be used instead if that is your preference).
I used a DK yarn from my stash but any yarn weight will do - this will alter the size of your eye - I mean are we going for sheep eye or cow? - S’up to you!
The toy eye and its washer is simply attached before stuffing with either fibre fill, spare yarn - or for extra grainy texture and weight - plastic pellets
I also attached a magnet on the back for extra fridge frivolity… but that’s just me!

Good freaky, spooky fun!


  • • DK or any medium weight/ 8ply yarn - my choice - Annell Malmedy

     You will need approximately 30 yards/ 18 metres

    • Pair short circulars 2.75mm (size 2)

    • Yarn sewing needle

    • 18mm/ 0.75in diameter toy eye with plastic washer or something similar

    • To fill – fibre fill or spare yarn or plastic pellets

    • To finish - red sewing thread  and needle for the bloodshot effect!

    Cast on 6sts onto one of the circular needles.

    Rnd 1 K6.

    Work as i-cord as follows:

    Slide sts to other end of the circular without turning. Keeping gauge tight, pull working yarn across the back of the i-cord.

    Rnd 2 (inc) Kfb 6 times. 12sts

    Purl side of the knitting facing slip 6 sts purl-wise onto the other circular. 

    Knit-side facing join in the round as follows:

    Rnd 3 K12.

    Rnd 4 (inc) [K1, kfb] 6 times. 18sts

    Rnds 5, 7, 9 & 11 K.

    Rnd 6 (inc) [K2, kfb] 6 times. 24sts

    Rnd 8 (inc) [K3, kfb] 6 times. 30sts 

    Rnd 10 (inc) [K4, kfb] 6 times. 36sts

    Rnd 12 (dec) [K4, k2 tog] 6 times. 30sts

    Rnds 13, 15, 17 & 19 K.

    Rnd 14 (dec) [K3, k2 tog] 6 times. 24sts

    Rnd 16 (dec) [K2, k2 tog] 6 times. 18sts

    Rnd 18 (dec) [K1, k2 tog] 6 times. 12sts

    Fit in the toy eye and stuff the eyeball with what ever you like - the toy filling will give you a soft springy eyeball whilst the plastic pellets will create more of a beanbag effect.

    Rnd 20 (dec) [K2 tog] 6 times. 6sts

    Cut yarn, thread end through the 6 sts, pull up tight and secure the end.

    Sew a few straight, varying length, lines with the red thread used double to create the veiny bloodshot effect!

    6 years ago

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