Eyes Garland
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Such a shame here in Netherlands Halloween is not celebrated as elsewhere in the world. So I got inspired on Pinterest and enjoyed all known symbols like pumpkins, ghosts, bats and black cat. I came up with this Eyes Garland very easy to make and with a red marker they are transformed into bloody eyes!!


  • You need: 3 sizes punches, white, black, orange, red, blue and green paper, glue and rope


    – Punch large white, medium size colored eyes and small black pupils

    – Fold the white circles, glue a colored eye with a black pupil on it

    – Cut a long strip of black paper of 2 cm wide which you fold in half and glue at the top of the eye, neatly cut along the eye

    – Cut small strips of about 3 cm long that you use as eyelashes

    – Apply glue in the crease of the eye and along the edge, lay the lashes in the glue and the rope to the top. Push it now closed and correct if necessary the eyelashes. Press firmly and allow it to dry

    4 years ago

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