A field of flowers
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Colorful flowers brighten up the table...


  • Cut for one flower 3 rounds in 3 different colors tissue paper ( the rounds are 6 cm in diameter) Make with 20 cm of green wire a iron base that can stand alone (see picture) Pile three circles tissue paper with on top a little yellow paper round for the heart. Make a hole with a sharp object and pull the wire through. At the top you get a wire rod and make a little tab (see picture)  At the bottom you put a little yellow paper round which has a halfway cut; slide this with some glue on to the flower and let it dry for a moment. After drying you push with your fingers every single petal slightly up.

    (These flowers are not all my idea, saw them on tetedange.canalblog.com and made my own variation of it)

    7 years ago

Discussion 2

  • Jeanine commented 7 years ago

    Ohhhh and I am simply envious over the creations at Tete D'Ange as well :D Great find & wonderful recreation of your own! 

  • Jeanine commented 7 years ago

    These are SOO gorgeous!


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