Fiesta Placemats With Tassels
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Do you also enjoy the wonderful weather lately? Dining outdoor and warm evenings in the garden.
I created an easy peasy DIY to make a garden party even more festive.
I pimped a basic placemat into a 'Fiesta' placemat! Perfect for garden parties and endless long evenings outside. I'm already looking forward to it!

Fiesta placemats with tassels. What do you need:

  • Basic placemat (like a bamboo placemat )
  • Thread: wool / cotton in different colors
  • Piece of cardboard of about 7 x 5 cm
  • Scissors
  • Embroidery needle

Get to work!

  • Wrap a piece of thread around the cardboard a few times. The width is the size of your tassel.
  • Cut it on one side and unfold it.
  • Tie it halfway with another (longer) piece of wire.
  • Fold the bunch together and tie the top with a piece of thread.
  • Cut the bottom straight. The brush is now finished and ready to be attached to the placemat. Make tassels with different colors of thread. I used two kinds.
  • Take the embroidery needle and pull a piece of the longest thread through the eye and attach it to the end of the placemat. Repeat until the whole edge is full of tassels.

And your Fiesta placemat is ready! Nice for a summer garden party and of course the placemats can also be used indoors for a nice dinner!

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