In line with the other stitch samplers I have done lately this is the 4th piece where I scatter shapes chaotically over the surface stitched up in one type of stitch. I want to get some practice with embroidery, especially with stitches I don’t use very often. And it actually makes fun just stitching around without a certain concept or much preparation. Just pick a shape and a stitch and off you go!

I have chosen the leaf stitch for this one and I think it resembles fir trees. You could position these trees less chaotically, but you know me, I like it a little bit chaotic in embroidery. Different sizes, colors, directions – just enough to keep me interested.

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Discussion 1

  • sherrie commented 7 years ago

    I love the idea of stitching randomly with no paticular plan.  It seems relaxing and fun that way, a nice break from stressing over getting something right.


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