Fitted Jeans
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In all, my weekend with Ginger was a success! After making more than ten pairs of jeans from three patterns over the past few years, I feel like I finally have a TNT pattern. To the trained eye the fit may not be perfect, but they feel great on and I'm liking the look. The winning combination proved to be using a good pattern in a cut I like with really taking the time to figure out my fit adjustments (and not over-fitting!). With my final pattern, I was able to make a pair in five hours of sewing (plus maybe another hour of cutting the night before), which would be totally doable over a few weeknights when I want to make this pattern up in the future. For me, fitting and seam ripping are really the most time-consuming parts of making jeans, so taking a weekend to figure that out should really pay off.

More on my pants-fitting adventure at MadebyMeg.


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