Flannel Roza Blouse for Chilly Days
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I wanted to make a wearable muslin of the Roza blouse but I actaully wanted it to be wearable. Given the number of days that it has been hovering around 5 degrees here, flannel seemed to be a safe bet in terms of wearability.  I love the Roza blouse!  It was a breeze to sew up and it incorporates the kind of relaxed, minimally structured vibe that I like best.  Next time I think I will do it in a flowy rayon or silk, and I'll try to make the shoulders and bodice smaller.  If this were a summer blouse without the turtleneck underneath the visible straps and cleavage would be a serious lack of decorum! I paired it here with a Colette Ginger skirt that I made a few years ago out of the most gorgeous mustard wool tha looks a little wrinkled and worse for wear after a day at work.  Also, the whole outfit looks a little hobbit-y, but somehow I still like it.  And I'll say it again:  I LOVE the Roza pattern.


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  • Gaelle commented 9 years ago

    lovely !!! it's a good style with a turtleneck.

    can i ask wich size you made ? and would you say that the sizing is big ?

    thanks !

    Laglov replied 9 years ago

    Thanks so much, Gaelle!  I made a size medium based on the measurements posted with the pattern.  It was a little big in the shoulders and bodice, but the arms were good.  Having said that, I frequently have problems with things falling off my shoulders.  I should be doing narrow shoulder adjustments but I usually just wing it.

    Gaelle replied 9 years ago

    thank you very much for your answer ! i may try this pattern soon, i really like it too :)

  • Meadow commented 9 years ago

    the little boots make the outfit.  Super fun.  Yes,...hobbit-y is good.  thanks for the tip on the Roza pattern.  Stay warm.  -22C  in my location.

    Laglov replied 9 years ago

    Thanks so much!  There were some days last month when I was more abominable snowman than hobbit!  Sounds like you must have been in the same boat.

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