Floral Flora maxi dress
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I bought this fabric about a year ago as an emergency backup if I couldn't find something OTR to wear to my sister's wedding.  So it has been sitting in my stash since then, but I'd always had a long and flowy maxi in mind.  

I love all of the BHL Floras out in the interwebs, and realised the faux-wrap bodice would be a lovely base for a floaty skirt.  I had another wedding coming up so this was the perfect opportunity!  I had read a bit about other's issues with gaping front and back necklines, so I whipped up a toile in a UK size 10 and felt that it fit pretty well.  

The floral fabric is a sheer poly so I used a lightweight, coral coloured cotton blend from my stash to line the skirt, but needed something with more body to line the bodice - I picked up some cotton sateen in the same coral colour.  Backing the floral print with quite a strong colour knocked a lot of the white and yellow tones out, but brightened the oranges and reds, which I felt was a better match for my skin tone.

The bodice came together realtively easily, although I did have a few moments where I was ready to rage-quit the thin fabric which just did NOT want to behave.  Then came the cutting of the skirt.  I think I had 3m of fabric to start with, minus a small amount for the bodice.  I wanted to make the hem as full as possible so I cut two quarter-circle pieces from the remaining fabric. I have no experience with bias cut anything, so the whole thing could have been a complete disaster - as I approached each stage I really did expect things to go pear-shaped... but was pleasantly surprised when they did not!  I'm not sure whether I can take any credit for that, I think I just had luck on my side.

I had the idea of installing a navy exposed zip, but had to do a bit of research about how to make that happen - I'm pretty happy with the result!  I fed some narrow elastic into the top-stitch tunnel of the bodice crossover to prevent gaping.

I let the dress hang for two days before getting my lovely mum to cut the hem for me.  A tiny rolled hem on the lining and shell, et voila, c'est fini!


Discussion 2

  • Connie commented 7 years ago

    Beautiful dress, looks great on you, fits perfectly too.

    Stephanie Porter replied 7 years ago

    Thank you Connie, these are the perks of custom made clothing! :)


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