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Monika and I sewed three free patterns for our #emdenberlin series. The Hemlock Tee, the Mandy Boat Tee and the Plantain T-Shirt.

I had made the Hemlock and the Mandy Boat Tee before, the Hemlock in jersey and the Mandy Boat Tee in jersey and woven fabric. I made both of them now in a woven fabric.

I added width to the pattern pieces of both to compensate for the lack of stretch.

Hemlock: 1cm all around because the SA is only 0,5cm and an additional 1cm at the side seams(which was unnecessary) and the sleeves. I might try cutting the sleeves on the bias next time and I would make the neckline a bit smaller.

Mandy: took out my usual 2cm at the CF and CB, did not widen the neck accordingly so the neck is a bit smaller, added 3 cm to the sleeves because they are very slim. I also added side slits.

Sadly the Plantain is my least favorite of the three, I just donĀ“t like how it looks on me. I love the shape of the neckline though (I cut the SX neckline because it would otherwise be very low on me.) and as a shirt under a cardi it would be a nice option.

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