Granny Christmas Baubles
by Sew Silly Lily Follow

I have a craft fair coming up next month and I wanted something Christmasy to pop on the stall. I've seen some lovely granny round baubles, but not many good patterns, so I've taken it upon myself to design one. I've tried to figure out how other designers do it, but I'm not happy!



  • So I’ve looked at a few granny square examples and I’ve played around with different rows and came up with this. The colours are horrid, but it’s only a sample Sharon!!

    3 years ago
  • I have some lovely cottony yarns in my basket (+ a couple  new ones), some polystyrene balls on order and then I'm ready to crochet!!

    3 years ago
  • One Granny Bauble done! 

    3 years ago
  • I've made a while bunch of baubles and have tweaked the pattern in the process. Pattern now available via Etsy or Ravelry or Love Knitting.

    3 years ago

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