Handcarved Crochet Hook
by Yurimari Follow

Unfortunately there is no fitting communities or categories, but I want to share the story anyway!

After signing up for this page, I fell in love with the big yarns from loopy mango. I showed the Luxurious Poseidon Scarf - Project to my boyfriend as an easy, fun and not that expensive project to try myself.

He told me that he is going to carve the hook for me. At first, I thought he was crazy, but then we went on a hike to the woods together and found a piece of a maple tree that was quite fitting the purpose.

After carving the hook, the surface was smoothened and oiled.

All that is missing now is the yarn, since is not quite easy to get hold on it where I live. But I am working on it and then the second part of this project will be started ....

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