Handwoven purse
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I went to weaving course this summer. One sample was woven in black cotton 8/2 and golden thread. The techniques is rose path. 

This sample was transformed to a small party purse. I put in a zipper, ended it with black leather, found a twisted ribbon tp use as shoulder strap. And then it became a party purse. 

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  • Tracing Threads commented 5 years ago

    Beautiful! I'm looking to taking an intro weaving course, which are usually on a table loom, and I've always wondered what I can make with my first sample aside from the traditional placemat. 

    The twisted ribbon strap is a really nice touch! What are you planning on making next? 

    Irene Lundell replied 5 years ago

    Hi Kate,

    Weaving is fun! This one was made using 4 shafts, and if you have four shafts on your table loom you can weave a lot of different things.  

    I have been weaving for three years. In Sweden, we have a tradition of weaving rugs from old rags (or mainly re-used bed linen), so I have been doing a lot of that. But also a fabric for my kitchen sofa, dish cloths, towels, etc. At the moment, I'm finishing a rag rug for my mum, but after that I have a warp in grey linen for a shawl with weft in hand-dyed silk. I really long to do that. Here is a link to my blog and what I have been doing so far (unfortunately in Swedish): http://torasvavstol.blogspot.se/search/label/mina%20alster%20-%20v%C3%A4vt

    I look at your projects and you do so much nice stuff! That green dress... so nice! 
    Tracing Threads replied 5 years ago

    Thanks for linking your blog. WOW those rugs!! I can't believe you've only been weaving for 3 years, your work looks very mature (is that the right word?). It just looks purposeful and sophisticated, something I tend to notice in scandinavian weaving over north american in general. TOTAL generalization I know, but I've always gravitated towards Scandinavian design and the methods/tradition behind it. My Mum's side of the family is Swedish actually, so I'm familiar with the tradition of weaving rag rugs, I think my mum still has a few at home that are seriously standing the test of time haha. 

    That shawl sounds gorgeous. Are there any issues when your warp and weft are different fibres? I guess it's more about having the weight balance than if they're the same material.. I don't know. I'll learn one day :) Looking forward to seeing it!

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