Heart-shaped cutout Belladone dress
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I modified the back of the Belladone dress to create a cute heart-shaped cutout ! I love the result in red velvet, my perfect Valentine's day dress ♥



Alter the pattern - 1

Overlap the upper and lower back pieces, and tape in place.

Alter the pattern - 2

Trace the back piece on paper.

Alter the pattern - 3

Remove the seam allowance at the left (don't forget to remove it too on the back skirt and back waistband !).

Alter the pattern - 4

Draw a half-heart using the existing lines as guidelines.

Build the bodice - 1

Cut all your pieces in your fabric, and an extra front and back bodice in your lining. Sew the back and front bodice at the shoulders.

Build the bodice - 2

Overlap the main bodice and the lining, right sides against each other. Pin in place around the heart cutout.

Build the bodice - 3

Carefully sew at 15mm from the cutout.

Build the bodice - 4

Trim the seam allowances, and carefully notch the bottom of the heart.

Build the bodice - 5

Turn the bodice inside out and carefully press around the cutout.

Build the bodice - 6

Sew around the collar, the neck opening and the bottom to maintain the main fabric and the lining in place. Sew the rest of the dress according to the instructions. Et voila ! :D

Discussion 6

  • Grace commented 6 years ago

    So adorable! Did you cut the velvet nap up or nap down?

  • Nicole commented 8 years ago

    This is so cute! What a great tutorial! Gotta love hearts!

  • Chelsea Day commented 8 years ago

    This is adorable!

  • vvonder commented 8 years ago

    Such a sweet & surprising detail! This will be amazing on the simple dresses.

  • Cina Rosen commented 8 years ago

    So cute!! Such great instructions too! Thanks for sharing.

  • Nora commented 8 years ago

    This is absolutely adorable. And just in time for Valentine's Day, so cute!

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