Jeanius Pastel Denim Trench Coat
by Elizabeth Follow

This is my entry for the community challenge for The Refashioners 2016.  I made this denim trench coat from 4 pairs of jeans: salmon capris, aqua Levi's capris, light blue Thalia Sodi jeans with some heavy embroidered and crocheted embellishments and acid washed Guess jeans. The Thalia Sodi jeans were pretty close in color to the Guess Jeans.  Each pair had cool details, but I really wanted them to stand out from each other.  To do this, I did some abstract painting and very improvisational blockprinting on the Guess jeans using latex paint mixed with textile medium.  My printing materials include a brush from a paint sample, a plastic spoon, some shelf liner, a rolling pin covered in rubberbands, and a Duplo base to layer the various colors of paint leftover from house projects.  I even made sure that the some of the buttons and belt loops got paint. 

I colorblocked the pieces for the patchwork by overlapping seams and topstitching and zigzagging.  The fronts and the backs use 38 pieces!  The edges of the collar and hem are raw to highlight the denim's fraying ability.  More about my process and the construction on my blog.

Elizabeth Made This: Jeanius Pastel Denim Trench Coat

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