Lace Backed Dress
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I cut this dress from my own simple pattern - the dr​ess itself is a shimmery/silver weave (slightly see through so you need to wear a slip/long tank underneath) - the lace is from some yards of wedding lace that I picked up in a tucked away Garment District fabric store for $10/yard.  I cut some of the veins of lace and arranged/pinned them to the back and then simply sewed along the edges (which got tricky with two such fine fabrics). I trimmed the neck with a piece of gold/blue trim. I love the result AND I can wear it as both a shirt and a dress! 

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  • Spurgetti commented 8 years ago

    Another gorgeous and creative dress. I love your photos too!

  • GeorgiaRose commented 8 years ago

    This is beautiful! Love the way you arranged the lace, and all your dresses with back detailing actually :)

  • TheMissLinds commented 8 years ago

    gorgeous. and you made the pattern yourself?!

    abiah replied 8 years ago

    Thank you! I couldn't find a good basic basic dress so making a pattern was totally worth it - and each one only takes about an hour to whip up - French seams and all!

    TheMissLinds replied 8 years ago

    seriously?! could you share the pattern/tutorial??

    abiah replied 8 years ago

    Next time I use the pattern I will definitely take photos and come up with a tutorial!

  • vvonder commented 8 years ago

    So super pretty! I need to embroider something on my back!!

    abiah replied 8 years ago

    Thank you - after seeing some of the embroidery projects on this site I immediately ran to the store and picked a stash of thread - I can't wait to get started! And I can't wait to see your final 'Grey Dress'!

  • SownBrooklyn commented 8 years ago

    This is gorgeous!!

    abiah replied 8 years ago

    Thank you! I love all your creations!

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