Learning to Weave: My First Sampler
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I finally got myself on a floor loom! I've wanted to learn for so long, and to be able to take a course with my Mum was really special. I shared a bit of the story as well as pictures from the class on my DIY Diary: Learning To Weave post if you want to check it out!

The point of a sampler is of course to experiment. We had 12 different patterns to try, including plain weaves, twills, basket, etc. Between the different patterns (each with their own tie up and treadling) and the way we threaded it (all those warp threads) we got to see a lot of different combinations. Some great, some not so great haha. 

When I first started I was pretty uptight about picking the right colours, wanting it to be polished looking and all blue/white themed. However it didn't take long for me really mess up the edges and I started to relax. It was no longer going to be a piece I was going to use so I really let go with colours and everything and just went with it. Obviously as soon as that happened I ended up with a colour combination I really liked!! (orange/blue/green at the end). 

Next up are some placemats I think, and in the future I'd love to weave ties (or bowties!!!) for my Boyfriend. 

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  • Steffi commented 5 years ago

    Really cool! I want to take a weaving class too sometime this year. It's interesting to see, how your edges change with every new pattern.

    Tracing Threads replied 5 years ago

    I hope you do!!


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