Leather necklaces {DIY} by Jessica Rebelo Follow

This is a very simple and cute project. I struggled to find a cool necklace this Xmas so I decided to made one myself. I came out with this simple idea from some scraps of leather I have.

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  • 1) Download, print and cut the templates in a sheet of paper. Using the templates mark the shapes with a pen in the wrong side of the leather.

    2) Cut the leather shapes and pair them with their chains (I used one large for the blue and a short one for the burgundy).

    3) Align the centre of the chain horizontally across the leather (a few mm below where it will fold) and add some glue.

    4) Fold the top and press until the glue dries.

    5) Use the template to cut the little triangle in a different leather colour and glue to the front.

    6) Using a very fine and sharp scissors, cut strips vertically (the same width) and voilĂ !

    Simple & cute, Enjoy!

    8 months ago

Discussion 2

  • GeorgiaRose commented 8 months ago

    So simple but so cute! Would love to see a picture on you to et a better idea of how the size looks on a person. 

    Jessica Rebelo replied 8 months ago

    Thank you! Yes it's very simple, Good question! I might update the post in my blog with reference picture. Thanks for point it out :)