Macrame plant holder
by Janina Krupp Follow

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  • TheMissLinds commented 4 years ago

    love how this turned out! did you use a pattern or tutorial?

    Janina Krupp replied 4 years ago

    Hi , Thanks :) 

    I used more than one tutorial just to get an idea on how it works and then I used 3 different knots to make this. 

    this is the tutorial I used :

     knot 1 :
    ( I used it on the top and bottom of the hanger )

     knot 2 :
    ( I used it to make the 4 braids in the midle of the piece)

     knot 3 : a basic knot to hold the flower pot

    Ps : you can use cotton cord or fabric ( I like it more with the cotton cord , but in this project I used fabric )
    I also suggest you use a round flower pot , because the square ones donĀ“t turn out as nice as the round ones .

    I hope this can help :)


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