Make Your Own Buttons
by Mark Montano Follow

Turn branches from your backyard into fun, colorful buttons for all of your DIY projects!


  • Stuff I Used:

    Americana Decor Color Stains
    Americana Multi-Purpose Sealer
    Large branches
    Drill and Jigsaw

    4 years ago
  •  Here's How
    1. & 2.  Saw your branches into thin slices
    3. & 4.  Drill 2 or 4 holes in the center of each slice
    5.  Stain them in different colors
    *Stain keeps the beautiful wood grain
    6.  Coat them with a multi-purpose sealer
    Sew cute!

    4 years ago
  • Sew colorful! 

    4 years ago
  • Paint them in any color!

    4 years ago

Discussion 1

  • Leah Natochy commented 4 years ago

    Love this idea. What is your web site?


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