Maltese Bobbin Lace
by Marusya Grace Follow

Before my dad traveled to the island of Malta, I asked him to return with traditional bobbin lace that Maltese women are well-known for. 

Instead of returning with lace he returned with an authentic lacemaking "kit," previously own by a Maltese lace maker! I write more about it on my blog here

This will likely be WIP project for awhile. This past week, I started to read the books about bobbin lacemaking and it looks a little confusing! lol

I will keep you posted on the process!

I'm not sure what I will make after I finish the lace...hmmmm... A dress would be pretty but eventually my dress size will change and I want the piece I make to be timeless & used for many years.

Discussion 2

  • Francesca commented 6 years ago

    how about a collar?  

    Nice to see someone using our bobbins - the art seems to be dying here, slowly, so it is great to see that it will be continued internationally:)

  • ModeEthik commented 7 years ago

    Wow, you are my hero for doing & knowing how to do this! Looks great


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