I wanted to make this top up as soon as I got the pattern in my hot little hands :) Since this was the first go at the pattern, I used a paisley rayon jersey remnant piece and contrasted it with navy blue rayon jersey. Yay for working the stash! I like the style, but there are definitely things I will change for the next time. I don'tlike where the contrast yoke seam hits across the bust - I will raise that by 1 inch in the future. Also I went by my measurements, but the top seems too big? In this drapey knit it looks fine, but for a cotton interlock or something stiffer it will need to be adjusted. I love the button sleeve cuffs though! Such a cute touch :) I'm glad to have another cute t-shirt pattern to add to my arsenal.

Blogged here: http://www.showandtellmeg.com/2017/01/fo-marianne-top.html


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