Marimekko Vinyl Make-up Bag
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Behold, my attempt at combining the clear bag trend with my love of bright prints. I bought this Marimekko fabric a while ago (a favourite print) and wanted to sew a few toilitery bags with it, but didn't want the fabric to be 'exposed' and get dirty. Yes, perhaps this is why oilcloth was invented, and appartently there's even iron-on vinyl, but I really really wanted to use this fabric and I couldn't get my hands on iron-on vinyl. 

The fabric is in between two layers of vinyl so that I can wipe it clean, and then I put bias tape around the edges to give it a more finished look. I definitely struggled with this project. I found the vinyl slid around a lot (or alternatively stuck?!) so I couldn't keep the edges lined up as I sewed and I really should have looked into how to properly sew bias tape before attempting this haha (this was my first time sewing both vinyl and bias tape). I did find putting scotch tape on the presser foot and throat plate helped the project slide easier, as well as putting tissue paper on either side of the project as you sew.

Anyways, i'm happy with the overall look of it and i'm sure my vinyl sewing skills will only improve with time. If you've got any tips, let me know! 

My blog post on this project goes into more detail about the whole vinyl sewing experience and has a how-to if anyone's interested - find more here!

Addition: Just found this super helpful PDF on sewing with laminate by Amy Butler. 


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  • TheMissLinds commented 5 years ago

    this is beautiful! totally intimidated by the idea of sewing vinyl, but this has me willing to give it a try!

    Kate Smalley replied 5 years ago

    Do it!! It's got so many possibilities 

  • SownBrooklyn commented 5 years ago

    So SWEET!! I have some vinyl laying around that would be perfect for this!

    I'm also a recent bias tape convert and came to the realization on my last project that I should probably learn how to apply it properly!

    Kate Smalley replied 5 years ago

    Ya I realized it makes a huge difference to the final project! Will definitely not be 'winging it' next time

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