"Matchbox" Dolls
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These were inspired by A Beautiful Mess's post on how to make matchbox dolls. 

Made 4 total with the help of my boyfriend - 2 TMNT for my nephews, 2 bunnies for my nieces. All 4 got a little teddy bear. And all 4 got a mini knitted blanket made from the same yarn I had used to make each of their baby blankets when they were born :)

Naturally the TMNT dolls are in round boxes painted to look like the sewer, with a strip of felt fabric glued to the bottom that had cartoon-like words like "Bam" and "Kaboom" on them. 

The bunnies live in a soap box (which smells amazing). The bunnies got a bow and have a minted floral fabric glued to the bottom as well as a pillow. (The boy boxes couldn't fit a pillow).


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