Multicolor Plastic Wrap Bracelets
by Marie E. Maloof Follow

Single and double woven wrap bracelet. Look great stacked. Toggle closure.


  • Making Bracelet

    For single wrap bracelet, measure 1.5 meters of lacing in desired color(s).

    Take toggle portion of clasp and thread lacing through the hole. It is important to use this end first because you will have mobility here that you won't have at the end.
    Do circle lacing stitch; if you don't know how to do the circle stitch, I will add details.
    Once you have stitched to your desired length, take the circle end of your clasp and put two opposing strands throught the hole. Make a stitch, or ideally through the hole to secure the circle. 
    Do 1-2 additional stitches around the hole to further secure the circle. You should not see the hole once you are done. 
    Cut ends of lacing. Take a lighter and gently melt the ends of the lacing into each other. You may need to use your finger to push the lacing together once you have heated it.
    Do not apply heat for too long or you will melt your stitches. It is best to melt in stages.
    When complete, you are ready to wear it.

    For double wrap bracelets, simply double the length of lacing you use and the length of the end product before completing with the clasp.

    7 years ago
  • Double wrap pictured, single wrapped coming soon.

    7 years ago
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    7 years ago

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