My perfectly fitting bra
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Ok, so when I originally resolved to buy nothing new for a year I excluded underwear from this statement, but the more I think about it the more I relish the challenge of making some well fitting lingerie. I've not had much time to play around, but have tried a few ideas. This was a one day only challenge from pattern making to finished object, so do not judge!!!

Firstly I tried to create a pattern by wrapping some calico around my bust and marking and snipping the fabric until I got a shape I liked. This did not come out well as a finished toile! 

Second attempt was to source a free pattern online that was available in size small, medium and extra large! Random selection of sizes, but the medium cup was a little small and seemed like a headache to adjust to be a large. Time to try again! It is here if you fancy giving it a go:

Third and final attempt was to put on a well fitting soft jersey bra and pin calico to this and work out where the shaping needed to be and where various parts of my breasts are for style lines. This worked out better than I could have imagined. I found various instructions online for taking a pattern from an existing bra, but all seemed laborious and a little inaccurate. My method was quick and worked as a final paper pattern first time! It's more of a bralet type thing, but I am in love! This would work great as a bikini top too! It may be a bit too much coverage for some people, but this is exactly where I'm at with my underwear at the moment. Pregnant and breastfeeding makes you crave the comfortable! I shall probably need to try this again in about a year or so when my body reverts back to normal, but it was not too scary a task.

A few notes:

I chose not to make the straps adjustable, as I find it annoying when they slip back and get too loose (I may live to regret this)

The bust darts on the lining are pleated only and not sewn to the bust point

I have included boning in the side seam to add a bit more structure to the garment

The fabrics I used were left over scraps and elastic and fixtures from an old bra, but the main fabric is a Grayson Perry print for Liberty that I bought several years ago. All fabrics are non-stretch!

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  • Kelley || casa crafty commented 5 years ago

    wonderful! I have had the worst time in bra hunting these last few years, and I am going to start making my own... thank you for the inspiration!

  • vvonder commented 5 years ago

    I love this stylish bra - you can totally show off the shoulder straps in the summer with dress or cami. So nice!!

    Marilla Walker replied 5 years ago

    Thank you! I need to make some more, as this one is so comfy.

  • Nora commented 5 years ago

    I just read your profile where you said you wouldn't buy any clothes for 2014, that's so impressive. So of course, underwear is part of that (very nice bra! So smart, it's so hard to find well-fitting underwear). I'm trying to buy as little as possible, but I'm not where you are (yet). 

    Marilla Walker replied 5 years ago

    Thanks lovely! It was an easy decision for me to make really, but I wish I'd realised how tired all of my leggings were beforehand!!! Buying as little as possible is good too. It's just about giving each purchase more consideration. I have been guilty of buying out of boredom in the past... not good! Anyway, I guess I'll be attempting leggings and knickers next ;-)

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