this dress wants to swing around.  it never fully rests.  if i take a step, it twirls.  i think it's due to all the magical thick pleats...

my first thought was to outline the belt tabs in silver pyramid stud trim, but it began to look like a scene from grease... then i eyed my urbahnika native embroidered pins, eureka!  now i have changeable trim, i just switch out the pins if i want a new look.  but so far the native pins are the winner.  they make the dress for me.

the pattern was a hoot.  i really dig the rowley line, it makes you think, and the instructions lead you to a professional finish-- this is by far the best fully lined invisible zip i've ever done.  i made view C, with the neckline from view B.  

the mood sateen fabric is a nice weight, and delicious to work with.  being the "Heat Iron To The Surface Of The Sun" kind of girl, i always test a swatch of fabric first.  my crazy hot iron turned the fabric a shimmery purple, which apparently is what one calls "glazing".  who knew.  (claire schaeffer knew, that's who.)  i was tempted to permanently glaze the dress when it was finished, as i always think i want some solids in my closet, and then realize (AGAIN) i'm a print girl...  i could see adding some lace overlay to break it up, or maybe i'll just make up the pattern cape in lace? what do y'all think?  




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  • Katie Lukianov commented 8 years ago

    This dress is adorable! There's enough details to keep it interesting but not over designed. Great job!

  • Tanya commented 9 years ago

    OK, #1 - that dress is CUTE (good choice on not adding any extra details... they would detract from my next comment).  #2 - YOU LOOK AMAZING (do you have a permit to be that pretty?!) #3 - Your craftsmanship is beautiful.


  • Melissa Fehr commented 9 years ago

    Aaaahhh! We're going to be twins! I'm making this same pattern & fabric combo too! :D

  • Lesley commented 9 years ago

    gorgeous dress, size? fit?

  • Lizz commented 9 years ago

    So lovely! That color is amazing! 

  • Melizza commented 9 years ago

    Beeeautiful. What a gorgeous color! I can't imagine not walking to go out dancing when wearing it.

  • marcy harriell | oonaballoona commented 9 years ago

    ginger: i'm feeling the same way lately on skirts, especially gathering. why am i adding inches to le booty? but yeah, the pleats fall so nicely. you'd love this pattern.

    kihara: umm, i'm in love with your icon.

    susan: thank you! the little tabs were the main selling point for me:)

    team: tee, and hee.

    urbahnika: i did a little dance when i held my finished pin up to the dress.  totally wasn't planning it, and i don't think the dress works without it! LOVED making your awesome pins.

  • Emily commented 9 years ago

    Okay, I have to make this now!  Adorable!

  • Urbahnika commented 9 years ago

    Pretty AWESOME use of the pins!  Love how the colorswork so well together! 

  • Kollabora commented 9 years ago

    Another great project - you are too adorable!

  • Susan commented 9 years ago

    That Waist line is a killer detail! Uber-flattering... And that colour is just plain delicious!!!

  • Susan commented 9 years ago

    That Waist line is a killer detail! Uber-flattering... And that colour is just plain delicious!!!

  • Paivi Kankaro commented 9 years ago

    Wooow, you totally rocked this one! Amazing job!

  • Ginger commented 9 years ago

    WAY cute!  I love this hot pink, and all the pleat business in the back!  I've overlooked this pattern (yep, I'm one of those people who don't look closely enough at line drawings) because I thought it was a circle skirt (not my jam).  But this is adoooorable!

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