Netherlands Hup! Pendrell Tank Dress
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Every 4 yrs, the world is united by love of beauty and sport. Not the Olympics - we are talking football's aka soccer's World Cup. I spent the past World Cups wearing licensed jerseys to show my team spirit, but now that I sew ... Why not make garments inspired by those loves?

While Netherlands is not my #1 team, I do love their colours of bright orange and blue. I love them more especially they also happen to be colours on one of my all time favourite fabrics -Habitat Dropcloth by Jay McCarroll. Using that and my trusty Pendrell Blouse pattern as starting points, I decided to make a relaxed pullover tank dress. Something fun and easy for summer wear!

When I lastI made this pattern, I was a sewing novice. The tank top still fits, but a year later, I have increased my fitting knowledge enough to know that:

  1. it's ok to alter patterns. Original collar was too high for my liking so I deepened the front by 1".
  2. i have swayback. Yes Mom, you win. My stubborn refusal to do those posture exercises have come to bite me.
  3. it's ok to pattern hack. Living in a condo means that you can't buy every pattern just because it has minor detail that you need for a project. A quick search on Google brought the following tutorials to walk me through how to size and make a quick drop waisted gathered skirt. I dislike gathering but it does offer a more light hearted approach than pleats!

I managed to complete the bodice last night and will have to finish it for the next Netherlands game.

Update June 14:

  1. Dress is done! The skirt had to be redone as there was massive fraying from the washed linen. Note to self: 1/8" seam allowances on linen is a bad idea. The second skirt is fuller as gather to skirt circumference at waistline seam is 2:1 from previous version of 1.3 : 1. Limitation was due to how far elastic could be stretched. Now it's super twirly!
  2. Bias tape is my best friend. I made my own 1/2" bias tape for finishing armholes, neckline, waistline and hem. The hem edging adds more playfulness to the dress, non?
  3. I learned 2 new gathering techniques! For gathers of less volume, I can use elastic. For large gathers, like turning 100" of linen to fit onto a 42" hipline, counching is fantastic! You just use a zigzag stitch to form a channel for the bakers twine/yarn to flow through and gather! I might change my dislike of gathers after all...
  4. Bodice is finished in French seams and skirt panels in felled seams for reduced bulk as well as fray protection.



  • Pretty insides are important!

    Pretty on the inside!

    5 years ago
  • Version 1 - less volume, longer skirt. More 1920s.


    5 years ago
  • Love me some bias tape! Armholes, neckline, waistline and hem!

    I <3 bias tape

    5 years ago

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