Newcastle Cardigan
by Diana Broeders Follow

Cardigan I made for for a friend using the lovely Newcastle Cardigan by Thread Theory.

The warm and soft herringbone jersey came from textielstad.



  • After sewing the side seams I found out the cardigan was a bit tight at the waist and hips. So after doing some serious math I cut out the side seams and added a 6cm wide strip, making sure the armscye stayed the same size, but adding some 6 cm to the waist in total.

    8 years ago

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  • April // ModernHandmade commented 8 years ago

    Thanks so much! I plan to make one more muslin so I'll trying adding width and see how it works!

  • April // ModernHandmade commented 8 years ago

    I made a muslin of this cardigan and found that it was too snug at the waist as well. I'm going to need to add to the side seam. Can you share a bit on how you kept the armscye the same size? Thanks so much! April

    Diana Broeders replied 8 years ago

    Hi April, if you haven't cut your fabric yet you can just make the front and back pieces a bit wider at the waist/hip and then proceed as per design :)

    I came up with this solution because I didn't make a muslin and had put together most of the cardigan when I found out it didn't fit.
    But if you want to add a strip at the sides of 6 cm, measure 3cm along the armscye seamline on both the back and the front piece. From that point draw a line to the bottom corner of your pattern piece. This can be a straight line, or a bit curved, depending on where you need the extra space. So you basically take away as many cm in the armscye as you will later add with your "side strip".

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