Oktoberfest Dirndl top
by la Mel Follow

I must say that I did get a little bit nervous when my sister in law asked me if I could make her a dirndl top somewhat over a year ago. I mean, a top like that really needs to fit just right. 

We went for Butterick 5935 and I made two muslins. I ended up taking some fabric out from under the arms, lengthening the middle section of the body with 7 cm and adding 3 cm to the bottom of the top.

All this extra length obviously resulted in more eyelets which drove my husband mad. See, the the eyelets were his responsibilty so he was afraid to mess the whole thing up and dissapoint both his sister for ruining her Oktoberfest outfit and me for ruining my hard work.

In the end however, everything turned out fine. The fit is right (allthough she did not have much space left for eating currywursts...) and the eyelets were all attached without any problems.


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