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This is a little fella I made last year. He's a triceratops, knitted in the flat and then seamed, and ate about a bag and a half of stuffing (roughly three times his volume), hence the name. He has all the correct horn curvature, numbers of toes, frill indents, and basic front/back leg structures a palaeo nerd could want (albeit somewhat blown out proportions).

It probably would have been quicker to sew up the outside, but I adore the texture of the knitted moss stitch (a.k.a. seed stitch) - it feels exactly like you imagine pebbly dinosaur skin should feel like, only softer.

As a zoology student, I have a strong interest in palaeontology and am a little obsessed with dinosaurs. I really wanted to make myself a cuddleable (and accurate) toy dinosaur, and quickly realised that if I made it big enough, it could double as a cushion.

If it could be mistaken for a cushion, or double as "useful decor," then I could avoid the awkward "But, why?" conversation with those people who just don't get it.

Plus, he's incredibly comfy, beautifully soft and textured, and perfect to cuddle when you're feeling off colour. And makes an excellent travelling companion to boot! I go on quite a few digs and science trips so he's the perfect mascot.

* First photo was taken before I had sewn up his neck or put his eyes on.


  • This project wasn't following a pattern - I did as I usually do, and just made Om Nom up. The face shaping was done with similar techniques to those used in the Dragon Scarf Pattern I'm currently working on.

    I can say, it involved A LOT of moss stitch (a.k.a. seed stitch). Like, a foot and a half square worth. If you find yourself working in moss stitch on the fly, remember to always increase or decrease by twos - that way you won't need to realign the entire row or anything. Also, if you use two bar increases (Kfb) next to each other, the bar or purl effect makes it look like just more moss pattern - it's pretty much invisible!

    5 years ago

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