One-Skein Finger Crochet Scarves
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Sometimes you see a yarn and you know right away just what you want to do with it. That's totally how we felt when we saw these Sashay Yarns from Red Heart, with their open weave and cool color gradiations--we knew they'd be perfect for these easy finger crochet accessories.

Not really a scarf, not really a necklace; this is a fun transition piece that you can wear while it's still warm outside, then can wrap tighter and double...triple...quadruple up with multiple color and yarn variations as the temp drops. So easy and quick to make (the only tools you need are your two hands), you can toss one together with only one skein of yarn!



Make a Slip Knot

Start by making a slip knot at one end of your yarn. 

Put Fingers Through Slip Knot

Put your fingers through the slip knot. 

Grab Yarn and Pull Through Loop

Grab the yarn with your fingers and pull through the slip knot. (In crochet terms, you're making a chain stitch.) 

Create Another Loop with Fingers

Once you've pulled the yarn through the first loop, create a new loop and put your fingers through again. 

Pull Yarn Through Loop Again

Continue to pull the yarn through the next loop and then using that to create another loop which you'll pull the next section of yarn through. You're going to continue this process until you reach the end of the ball of yarn. 

Tighten Loops

Occasionally you can pull on the yarn to tighten up the loops and check your progress. Once you get to the end of the yarn, you can either tie off the end, or tie both ends of the yarn together to create and infinity scarf/necklace. 

Discussion 2

  • Nikki Smith commented 8 years ago

    Love how it looks with the variegated yarn!

  • peta commented 8 years ago

    I have a beautiful mixed thread, mixed ply yarn. 2 skeins actually & I have had no idea how to make it up that it really showcases the thread itself. I think I've found a winner


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