Patchwork mini quilt in squares
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The problem with wanting to make ALL of the things means I can get easily sidetracked. Hence my work in progress box is always overflowing. So I've decided to knock it down to size one project at a time.

First off the rank was this quilt top I pieced last year. It's made entirely from scraps leftover from other makes.

After finishing the piecing I laid 2 layers of bamboo batting underneath and a piece of vintage cotton for the back. Pinned together it's been folded up and abandoned since then.
So today I took it out and quilted the pieces together. I kept it simple and just did one line of stitching one foot width above each horizontal join line.
The batting and the backing extended past the top panel. Once I was finished with all the quilted stitch lines I cut the batting and backing to the same size as the top. I have no idea if that's how you are meant to do it or not? It seemed to make sense to do it that way and I'm glad I did as there was a bit of movement from the stitching.

Digging in the stash I came up with this cute striped binding for the edging. I briefly considered trying to attach it in one step but then thought better of it due to the thickness of the pieces. Attaching the binding by stitching it onto the back all the way around and then turning it over to stitch from the front. Am so happy with how neat it looks, I've never done any kind of quilt binding before and it's quite fun.

The mitred corners aren't great but I'm ok with that for a first go.
All that was left was to trim the spare threads then pop into the top roof for some photos on a rather hazy day.

Pattern: just cut squares and placed them in a pleasing arrangement
Fabric: scraps from other makes
Changes for next time: perhaps full bed size?

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