My husband needed a coat, so I made him one!

Actually, it wasn't just that easy... I first had to go through taping 79 pages, cut sooooo many pieces, before the fun sewing part could start. I used taylor tacks to do all the markings, and I LOVED it! It made everything so accurate, and I suprisingly loved making them, it wasen't tedious at all.

Even if I mostly like how it turned out, there are quite a few things I didn't really like on this pattern. The 2 main ones would be that the tabs aren't interfaced (my machine would just NOT sew buttonholes on them until I managed to slide some interfacing in there using chopsticks. fun moment.), and that there is no inside button to hold the "inside front part". I wanted to just add one, but I would have had to sew it right on the inside pocket. Which, well, you can't really do. So, when it's closed it makes some weird wrinkles and doesnt stay in place properly (it's worse in real life than on those pictures...)


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