I'm from Austria, and there's a lot of cows in my country. That's why we love to turn them into our iconic Lederhosen and other timelessly stylish garments and accessories. These Phonehosen ("Hosen" = pants or breeches) were an impromptu project conceived when I was invited to Kollabora HQ to meet Nora and decided to show off some very basic leather techniques with limited available supplies. 

This project is an ideal starting point for getting acquainted with leather and doesn't even require any sewing. All you need is any leather, some sturdy scissors (not the ones you cut your fabric with!) and some contact cement (available at any hardware store). Just trace your phone, cut out two pieces with some seam or glue allowance, apply the contact cement to both sides, wait 20 minutes, and glue the pieces together. 

As it's a very minimalist project, it benefits a lot from some subtle embellishments. You could add a decorative seam in a colorful thread along the edges or emboss the leather like I did. I used a bronze version of my logo that had been cast from a laser-cut wooden piece, C-clamped to the moistened leather for about 30 minutes.

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