The Portside travel set....
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I was so excited when Jen released her duffel pattern on Grainline studios, I'd been wanting to try and make myself some travel gear and loved her clean and simple design.  When I first started putting the pattern together I realized I'd never worked with a pattern with so many pieces and trying to keep track was going to require me to pay attention.  I gotta admit I had some tough times at different parts of the process partly due to my lack of skills and/or not reading the directions throughly or misunderstanding them.  I interfaced the exterior and lining of the duffel to give it good shape since the fabric I chose while heavyweight was a little floppy.  I had a tough time sewing on the bottom of the duffel and I think that was a lack of skills problem on my part.  I couldn't find zippers with big enough holes to fit the pull tab, so I'm still looking for some sort of small ring I could add, so I can put the finishing touches on the travel set.  All and all I'm still happy with the result and can't wait to go on a trip with some stylish baggage!


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