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Alright I wanted to share another project you can make by printing on fabric. Simple holiday gift tags, these are so easy and add a lovely touch to any gift box. They reqire no sewing and very little time! If you want my illustrations, just leave your email in a comment and I would be happy to send them to you! Enjoy!



You Need:

• Fabric, I used a cheap canvas fabric from walmart (1.29 a yard)
• Freezer paper
• Inkjet printer
• Tag Designs
• Eyelets and a tool to put them on (if you want)
  if not you can just use a hole punch and add string.
• Ribbon or string
• About 15 min

How To:

• Iron the Freezer paper to your fabric (glossy side facing fabric)
• Cut down to 8.5" x 11"
• Place in printer (fabric face down, depending on your printer)
• Cut tags in desired sizes, add eyelets and string
• Wrap gift and add your lovely tag!

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