Red Lips Garland
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If you know me personally you know I always wear red lipstick, I will not leave the house without red lips. I can not remember when it started, probably inspired by my mother who also had a red lipstick addiction. It is not always that convenient : glassware is always marked with my red lips, I have to be careful that it does not sit on my front teeth and if I kiss someone I always double check if I don’t leave traces behind on her or his cheek. It feels naked without the red color in my face, otherwise I use hardly any make-up. But those red lips also have a meaning: love and passion, so really something for Valentine! Create a Red lips garland and send to your love: a lot of kisses in a envelop.


  • You need: red A4 paper, scissors, glue and a piece of rope

    - Cut the paper into three strips of 10cm. Fold into half to create a strip of 5cm and cut it in half. Fold the two parts in half. Make as much as needed / want

    -  draw on a folded piece of scrap paper a pretty (1/2) mouth and cut out. Use this as a template on the red paper

    -  Place the template in the corner and against the top of the folded paper and cut (see photo) Make sure you do not cut through the folded top otherwise you can not hang your lips anymore

    - open the lips, apply some glue to the inside and put the piece of rope in it, fold and shut

    5 years ago

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