Removable Peter Pan Collar // Kollabora Alt Summit Challenge
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Sew this removable Peter Pan Collar, and wear it with any shirt to up the hip factor. The deer-hide ties, make it adjustable. Add a button for extra pop, or just leave it plain and sweet as it is. It can be sewn in any fabric-- as funky or basic as you choose. The pattern and step by step directions show you how to make it, and while its simple to sew-- it's constructed with attention to detail.  I'll show you how to get a beautiful smooth curve, and a crisp clean seam, so you can be sure to create something you'll be proud to wear!


The PRINTABLE PATTERN can be found here too.




Press Fabric

Press main and lining fabrics well. Iron light-weight fusible interfacing to the wrong side of the lining fabric. 

Cut Collar Pieces

* Scroll to the bottom for pattern*

Cut 2 collar pieces from main fabric and 2 from lining. If using a patterned fabric, make sure that the patterns match on each piece. 

Trim Lining Pieces

Trim 1/16 - 1/8" from the entire perimeter of the lining pieces. Having the lining be just a touch smaller than the main fabric will ensure a neat looking seam. 

Check Lining Size

Place lining pieces atop main fabric to ensure you have trimmed uniformly. 

Place Ties

Place tie at the inner back adge as shown. 

Pin & Stitch

Place the right side of the lining facing the right side of the main fabric, with the tie sandwiched in between. Adjust the lining so that the outter edge matches up with the outer edge of the main fabric piece and pin. You may have to stretch it just slightly to get it match up. It should do so easily though. Stitch the outer edges together using a short-ish stitch length. I like to use a 2. Remove pins. 

Pin Inner Edge

Pin and stitch the inner edges in the same manner as the outer edges, stretching the lining to match the main fabric edge. The entire perimeter of the collar should be stitched now. 

Trim Seam Allowance

Trim Seam allowance to 1/8" around the entire perimeter. Be careful not to trim to close to seam, or through stitiching. 

Cut Slit in Lining

Carefully cut a slit in the LINING ONLY, at the widest part of the collar as shown. Be careful not to cut through the main fabric as well. 

Turn Collar

Gently turn collar right-side out, through the slit. Go slowly, being careful not to force anything. Use a turning tool if necessary to pull out the points. 

Press Seams

Press collar, especially along the seams. Make sure seams are fully extended, and your curves are smooth as you press. 

Pressing Cont.

The main fabric should roll slightly toward the lining at the seam. This will give your collar a clean and finished look. The interfacing will keep the slit from fraying and needs no further consideration. It won't be visible from the front. 

Repeat For the Other Side

Repeat all the necessary steps to complete the other side of the collar. 

Stitch Collar Together

Place collar pieces right sides together, and stitch them together by putting the needle through the points of each and then looping the thread out and around and then back through the same spot as you started. Reapeat a few loops this way--not too tightly. Tie a a knot and open the collar. 

Open and Admire

The pieces should join together snuggly as shown.

Add a Button at the Center

You can add a button at the center of your collar if desired. Simply stitch it into place. 


Now go admire your chic new collar! 


Print this pattern. Please measure the 1 Inch square once printed, to ensure the scale is correct. 

Discussion 3

  • Teddy Carter commented 5 years ago

    I'm just a little concerned about the cut in the lining.  Won't that start to fray and cause the collar to lay unevenly?

  • caytlyn commented 6 years ago

    oh yeah I would love to make this with sequins! perfect for the holidays!

  • Sew4my3 commented 6 years ago

    I can imagine making these in all kinds of fabric to make a simple black dress or top really pop. Can you say sequins?! Well done!


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