A cotton rope bowl for corralling toiletries.  Used a 100' skein of 7/32" cotton clohesline rope.  Stitched across adjacent coils wiht three step zigzag.  I calculated a 12" radius would allow about 6" height.  Probably actually sewed a little shy of that and the measured height is more like 8".  Two coils from the end I left a gap forming two handles and reinforced the joints with more zigzag stitiching.  To finish, I un-braided the last bit of rope and cut away the internal fibres.  Then tucked inside and stitched everything repeatedly.  

WARNING - this is a terrible project for a domestic sewing machine.  Piercing the rope is no problem with the right needle.  BUT, it took about two hours of full speed sewing, 4-5 bobbin changes and lots of lint accumulation.  Home machines just aren't designed for this kind of use.  Close to the end I realized it was running rough and stopped to oil, I think I'm lucky the motor didn't sieze. Industrials have an oil bath and can run like this without issue.  So project finished but I won't repeat it.



  • Starting point

    6 years ago
  • Reinforced stitching near handle

    6 years ago
  • Handle

    6 years ago
  • Lapped ending point from outside.

    6 years ago
  • Ending point, inside.  I un-braided a bit of the rope and trimmed away the poly filling fibres then stitched the strands flat.

    6 years ago

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