This dress had been on my list of must-makes for quite some time before I finally had a chance to put it together.  I made it with Kona Cotton in Jungle Green, with vintage plastic buttons. It was intended as a wearable muslin, so I made no modifications to the pattern other than raising the hemline. Because of the scallop detail on the side, I had to raise the hem by a good four inches, essentially removing an entire scallop from the bottom of the dress. So it ends up being knee length, instead of tea length as pictured on the envelope...The scallops  and buttons are a little time consuming but definitely worth the effort for the visual impact they make!

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  • Melissa Vandewalle commented 8 years ago

    Where can i download this dress please? 

    Allyson :: By a Thin Thread replied 8 years ago

    I'm not sure that it is available to download - I had to hunt it down by periodically searching on etsy and ebay until one turned up. 

  • Allyson :: By a Thin Thread commented 9 years ago

    Sorry Angeline, I just saw your comment! I didn't realize I had not put the pattern number in the description! Its Butterick 5772. Here is  a link with the info...

    Angeline replied 9 years ago

    Thanks, do you know how I can get it or download it? Thanks :)

    Allyson :: By a Thin Thread replied 9 years ago

    I hunted it down on etsy on  a regular basis after coming across several sold listings there, until I finally got lucky and snatched one up before someone else did!

  • Angeline commented 9 years ago

    Can you post the pattern please? :) 

  • Meg commented 9 years ago

    beautiful! this is really lovely

  • Christine commented 10 years ago

    Fantastic! I'm in love with detailing like buttons and scallops :)

  • Meagan Rutkowski commented 10 years ago

    wow...that is gorgeous!!!

  • Allyson :: By a Thin Thread commented 10 years ago

    The scallops are on both sides, and that's how you get in and out of the dress - no zipper! This dress was sort of a trial run of the pattern- it didn't end up fitting me, but one of my clients tried it on and it fit her like a glove! I'll try and get her to send a photo so you can see it on a real person :)

  • Christy commented 10 years ago

    Obsessed! I absolutely love the green

  • Kessem commented 10 years ago

    I love this! are the scallops only on one side? Do you use the button to get in and out of the dress or do you have a zipper as well.

    The color is beautiful and so is the dress. I wish there was a picture of you wearing it!

  • Dapper Duds commented 10 years ago

    I love love love love this so much!!!!!

  • Allyson :: By a Thin Thread commented 10 years ago

    Thanks! I've got another one in the works right now, this time in a vintage repro print...Will add a pic here when it's done!

  • Jody commented 10 years ago


  • Ginger commented 10 years ago

    Really cute!  Great job!

  • Melissa Fehr commented 10 years ago

    I've seen the scallop treatment used on a lot of hems, but never on the side like this! Very cool!

  • SownBrooklyn commented 10 years ago

    This is awesome!!

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