Seafoam lace Belladone Dress
by Rebecca Follow

This a variation on the Belladone Dress by Deer and Doe patterns. I made this dress to wear to a wedding in France :D It was by far the most advanced project I've tackled. I had to hand baste all the lace to the lining and since I wanted to leave the back of the top of the dress unlined I had to modify the cutout so that the zipper wouldn't be visible. If you compare it to the original pattern the diamond cut out is much larger and reaches all the way down to the waistband. I also lowered the front of the dress and made the straps thinner for a more summery feel. Finally, I cut out some lace motifs from the leftover fabric and hand sewed them to create the hem of the dress. I really loved this dress and I hope you do  too :)



  • I cut out several dozen of the flower motifs from the leftover lace and then hand stitched them to the bottom of the dress to form the hem.

    8 years ago

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