Selfish Sewing Week {spring 2014}
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don't miss Selfish Sewing Week Spring 2014, this April 28 - May 3!! more about this season's event here on the imagine gnats blog!

download the selfish sewing week planner here, and enter the indie patterns giveaway here!

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  • Jess commented 9 years ago

    Is the imagine gnats blog/site down? None of the above links are working for me. :(

    rachael {imagine gnats} replied 9 years ago

    jess, i was having some trouble with the host earlier. it seems to be resolved now :)

    Jess replied 9 years ago


  • Busy Elle Bee commented 9 years ago

    Hello, I started making a skirt yesterday and hope to finish in time for the end of selfish sewing week.  There are times when being selfish can be a good thing - hopefully it will make me a better sewist, which means I can be even more selfless when I share my sewing project results :) Good luck and happy crafting everyone.

  • Kathy Sayers Hennessy commented 9 years ago

    I love the idea but it I wish it wasn't called "selfish." I don't want to feel selfish when I sew for me.

    imagine gnats replied 9 years ago

    well, i know there are multiple definitions... for this event "chiefly concerned with one's own pleasure" is our focus. i like to think that we're celebrating ourselves and the positive side of selfishness :)

    Linda the crazy replied 9 years ago

    I saw it as part of that internetz sewing/crafting trend of consonance.  At least "selfish sewing" is grammatically correct.  "Me made May," cute as it is, makes my teeth hurt.

    imagine gnats replied 9 years ago

    that's too funny, Linda!! there definitely is something about making names "hashtag-able" ;)

  • Sew Cindy commented 9 years ago

    I have put a post-it up in my sewing room to help  me remember!!  LOL

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