Selfish Sewing Week {spring 2016}
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don't miss Selfish Sewing Week Spring 2015, this April 11-16, hosted by imagine gnats!! more information here.

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  • Lauren Kurtz-Durr commented 5 years ago

    WoooHoo, made some undies already now on to something with this Art Gallery Denim Studio print!!

  • In the boon docks commented 5 years ago

    Can I make any pattern or does it have to be from a designer here

    rachael {imagine gnats} replied 5 years ago

    you can make whatever your heart desires!!

  • Amy Mees commented 5 years ago

    best excuse to put aside the kids sewing... 

  • Laura Herritt commented 5 years ago

    I don't usually sew for myself, but after renovating our new house, i have exactly 3 articles of clothing that do not have paint on them. Time to do soemthing about that!

  • susan commented 5 years ago

    Hurray, I think its the first time I'll be home for the whole week!  I'm in

  • Cat Gerstenschlager commented 5 years ago

    Of course selfish sewing week happens on a week I have to travel for work!! 

    rachael {imagine gnats} replied 5 years ago

    I say channel the inspiration and sew something fabulous next week ;)

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