I needed something to block out the sun that never goes down where I live.  Ok, it goes down, but it was dusk till well past 11:30 last night.

This is a quick easy beginner project.  I wipped it up in a couple of hours.  My top stitch is more than a bit rusty, but considering my wrists and hands aren't as nyble as they used to be, I think I did a good job.

Followed the pattern for the most part, only change was I put my elastic in a strap casing because it didn't match my project colour.

Started and Finished on June 6th, 2014



  • Unventing Sew & Turn of Casing & Encase Elastic In One Move.

    I folded a strip of binding tape in 1/2 and encased a lenght of kitchen twine inside, right sides together.  Thread twine onto a yarn needle and run it through one end of casing and one end of elastic.

    twine sewn through casing and elastic

    4 years ago
  • Using a pencil or other narrow blunt object, start the turning process by working the end inside the tube.

    Finessing Elastic and Strap/Casing Turn

    4 years ago
  • Turning your strap goes fast once it gets going.

    Casing Turned and Elastic Encased in one technique instead of 2.

    4 years ago
  • Fish the end of the kitchen twine out of the end, carying the elastic with it.

    Time to fish the twine out of finished turned casing.

    4 years ago
  • Untie your knot and remove twine from casing and elastic.  Done.

    Ready to remove Twine from finished turn.

    4 years ago

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